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Real Patient Questions Answered

Head and Neck Surgery Videos: Questions Answered


Pediatric Otolaryngology Questions presented by Nina Shapiro, MD

Nina Shapiro, MD Real Questions     • How do I know if a 'cold' is more than a cold?
     • What do I do if my child snores loudly?
     • What is the best way to treat a nosebleed with my child?
     • I'm worried about choking hazards for my toddler. What are the common things
        that kids choke on?
     • What are ear tubes? And how do they work?
     • My child gets a lot of sore throats. Does he need his tonsils out?
     • How do I know if my child has sleep apena?


Nasal and Sinus Disease Questions with Marilene Wang, MD

Marilee Wang, MD Real Questions     • I have sinus headaches all the time. What can I do about them?
     • I keep on getting sinus infections. Is there anything I can do to prevent them?
     • I had surgery for nasal polyps and they came back. Will another surgery get rid of 
       them or do they always come back?
     • I frequently have a runny nose and post-nasal drip. Is there anything that will help?
     • I can't smell things very well anymore. What could be wrong?
     • I can't breathe well through my nose. What could the problem be?
     • My nose bleeds a lot and it takes a long time to stop. What can I do?


Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery Questions with Vishad Nabili, MD

Vishad Nabili, MD Real Questions     • What is microvascular reconstruction?
     • How does the flap work?
     • Does the flap move?
     • Can everyone get a free flap?
     • What is the success rate for the flaps? And what happens if the flap fails?
     • How long does microvascular surgery take?
     • What is the future of microvascular reconstruction surgery?



Robotic Surgery Questions with Abie Mendelsohn, MD

Abie Mendelsohn MD Real Questions     • What is transoral robotic surgery, or TORS?
     • I'm from out of state but I'd like to have the transoral robotic surgery
        at UCLA. How can I avoid making multiple trips? 
     • Is it true that with tonsil cancer I may still need radiation after robotic surgery?
     • Are there any other choice besides radiation therapy for vocal cord cancer?
     • I have sleep apnea but I can't wear the mask. Is surgery my only option to feel



Voice, Airway, and Swallowing Disorders Questions with Jennifer Long, MD, PhD

Jennifer Long, MD, PhD Real Questions     • I've been told that I have subglottic stenosis. What are the treatments?
     • How can acid reflux affect my throat?
     • I have been diagnosed with vocal cord paralysis. What are my options?
     • Why is my voice hoarse?



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